The Tales of Niyati Rawal, a Japanese MEXT Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient from India — Part 2

Niyati Rawal is one of the most inspiring and intelligent young women that I know. Not only did she move to Japan at the age of 19 to spend one year studying Japanese intensively before pursuing a Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering degree at Osaka University, but she also published articles and conducted presentations about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Needless to say, Niyati is a high achieving, intriguing, and most importantly, warm-hearted person with a bright future.

In this second article, learn more about how Niyati transitioned from India to Japan, and some of the major challenges she had to overcome.

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Memories to Last a Lifetime at the SGI Hall of the Great Vow

If you are planning to visit the Hall of the Great Vow (HoGV) 大聖堂 Daiseido, please secure a Letter of Introduction from your home country’s SGI office. Otherwise, you won’t be able to visit. The Soka Gakkai Headquarters Building, or the Hall of the Great Vow 大聖堂 Daiseido, is dedicated to world peace. 

Thanks to my mother’s advice, I went straight to the Josei Toda Center from Shinanomachi 信濃町駅 Station to receive my ticket for the Hall of the Great Vow around 10:30 am — quite early. You never how crowded the Hall of the Great Vow may be that day, so it’s best to go earlier than later to secure your ticket!

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