How I Created Law of Attraction Vision Boards with Google Drawings and Unsplash

I absolutely love the idea of attracting what you want in life through visualization. After all, the most famous athletes, CEOs, and celebrities, use the law of attraction and visualizing your outcome or success to become successful in life. In fact, Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for $10 Million for acting services rendered, when he was penniless and broke. Not only do you have to be able to imagine yourself earning a check for $10 Million, but you also have to envision how you feel once you have achieved your goal. By going through the process of creating a vision board, you can think more deeply and critically about your goals, visions, dreams, and how you feel once you have achieved them. That’s why, a vision board can help you actualize your goals.

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How to Create a Vision Board in Google Drawings in 3 Easy Steps

After researching vision boards and watching some of my favorite YouTube stars talk about them, I decided to create one on my own. But I wasn’t sure how I could create the most efficient and effective vision board.

To get to where you want to go, you first need to know where you want to go. Then, by applying the law of attraction, and visualizing your success, you can make things happen.

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