10 Captivating Facts About Re-mix Co. Female Founder

An Interview with Japanese Business Owner, Ritsuko Tominaga

Ritsuko Tominaga has one of the most fascinating life histories that I have ever heard. A sole proprietor and business consultant with 4 employees at Re-mix Co., Ritsuko is a middleman or middlewoman who creates unique and innovative OEM goods, or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This entails meeting with clients such as department stores, to deeply understand their goals and stated desires, before meeting with an appropriate manufacturer to explain the clients' goals. With her unique background of working at her grandfather's sweets factory — Olympia Confectionary — from a young age, Ritsuko knows what is and isn't possible to manufacture.

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A Quickie // The Complexities of Throwing Away Trash in Kyoto

One of my first “adventures” living in Kyoto was deciphering the mesmerizingly complex trash dispensing system. No, it’s not as straightforward as “trash” versus “recycling.” Instead, there’s at least 6 different ways to separate trash. Not only do you have to learn what exactly goes into a “プラ” or plastic bag, but you also have to clean the interior of all items such as bento boxes, almond butter cans, used natto containers, etc. Most places even require you to remember what days specific types of trash can be thrown out.

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San Francisco's Awesome Places | サンフランシスコの素晴らしい所の発表

I wrote and presented this for one of my Japanese courses this past semester, and it's all about my hometown — I place I truly adore. Since it's in Japanese, it's simple, but hopefully, informative.

Here's another blog post in Japanese about female empowerment. Enjoy!

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The Essential Guide for Traveling Overnight in Japan

What’s It Like to Ride on a Night Bus? The Essential Guide for Traveling Overnight in Japan.  

Towards the end of June, I rode my first overnight yakkou bus in Japan. Although many Kyoto University students ride this inexpensive type of bus for long-distance travel, very few will recommend it. As such, I asked around, read an online blog, and figured out how I could make it the best experience possible. After all, I relish new experiences and this was most definitely, a unique experience.

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A Natural Way to Get ~1 Hour of Free Stair Master Exercise with Mt. Daimonji Hike!

Looking for a way to de-stress, or just want to discover more places around Kyoto? Then, hike this awesome Daimoji trail. Although it’s not as clearly marked as trails in America, these pictures should help you find your way. 

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